July 7, 2021

I am longest guest of India --Dalai Lama

Vijyender Sharma
Dharmshala-----Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama today said he is the "longest guest" of India, who would never cause any trouble to his host.

In a virtual interactive session with GV Prasad, Co-Chairman and Managing Director of Dr Reddy's Laboratories and others, Dalai Lama said India which practices "Ahimsa and Karuna" (non violence and compassion) stands as a role model for other countries.

"As I always mentioned, India is my home. I was born in Tibet. But most of my life was spent in this country... I really feel proud that I am a guest of the Indian government. I think I am the longest guest of the Indian government. But at least that guest will not create a problem," he said.

He remarked that religious harmony in India was remarkable and there is "free media."

Describing India as a secular country, the Tibetan leader in exile said he has been promoting "Ahimsa and Compassion", which are intrinsic values of Indians that have been followed over thousands of years.

"With over a billion population, India is a perfect example of religious harmony. It is not because of any political reasons, but it is because of its people. Some of the countries need to follow India's principles of religious harmony," he said.

Dalai Lama advised the medical fraternity to be more compassionate while discharging their duties.

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