November 22, 2019

Congress should not worry about BJP it should worry about itself: Roopa Sharma

Congress should not worry about BJP it should worry about itself: Roopa Sharma
BJP never hurts anyone's honor.

Vijyender Sharma
SHIMLA------------BJP Himachal Pradesh vice-president Roopa Sharma said Congress state president Kuldeep Rathore should stop taking tension for BJP and worry about his own party Congress. She said that infighting in his own party was at its peak .
She said that the entire executive body of Himachal Congress has been axed by the Congress Central Office this is a living example of their infighting. She said that Kuldeep Rathore should first make his party fit and then comment on the BJP.
She said that in the by-elections held in Kangra, the Congress was unable to fund a candidate till the end and when the candidate was announced, no big leader jumped for campaigning for him thus is quite unfortunate, the Congress which came third in Kangra by-elections is a proof that masses have rejected the Congress . She said that the Congress party leaders are repeatedly saying that the BJP won the by elections by using money power is completely false , the BJP won because of its good governance and efficient leadership of The Chief Minister Sh Jairam Thakur .
She said that the Congress is unable to form any kind of consensus in itself, all the leaders of the Congress Party are speaking in differnt directions. She said that the BJP is itself capable of resolving its own issues.
She said that BJP never hurts anyone's honor but respect everyone and whoever does good work in BJP get due appriciation .

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