July 3, 2021

Governor visits CRI Kasauli

Governor visits CRI Kasauli

Vijyender Sharma

SHIMLA-----In his first visit to Central Research Institute (CRI) at Kasauli in Solan district today, Governor Bandaru Dattatraya said that the institute has done good work during the corona pandemic.  He expressed satisfaction that the trials of covid-19 antiserum were on the second stage.

            The Governor stressed on more research and said that the governments were spending more on research work and also more budget was being provided to research projects. He said that the Institutes like Bharat Biotech and Serum Institute were credited for the preparation of Covid vaccine and has brought honour to the country.

            Shri Dattatreya said that CRI was a premier National Institute of more than 116 years of long history and known for epidemic and microbiology related research on vaccine. He said that it was one of the most important suppliers of vaccines for the Government's universal immunization programme especially for DPT and TT vaccines. The Institute was also involved in manufacturing and supply of various life saving therapeutics anti sera for snake bites, rabies and diphtheria, he added. He said that research work was very important and it should reach from lab to hand. 

            He visited Vaccine Production Unit of DPT in CGMP. 

            Dr. AJAY Kumar Talhan, Director, CRI  welcomed the Governor and honoured him on the occasion. He also gave power point presentation and briefed about the activities and achievements of the Institute. He apprised that Covid testing laboratory was established in the Institute in 2020 approved by ICMR and trial batches of therapeutic Covid antisera has been prepared in collaboration with ICMR-NIV Pune in 2020 as well. He added that the Institute has been designated as Covid sampling centre in 2021. He said that in 2017, the Institute had been recognized as surveillance centre for zika virus infection and obtained test licence for multi fracturing of Td vaccine for test and analysis purpose. He thanked the Governor for visiting the institute.

            Dr. Sourabh Sharma, consultant proposed vote of thanks.

            Earlier, on reaching Kasauli, Deputy Commissioner Kritika Kulhari and Superintendent of Police Abhishek Yadav welcomed the Governor. 

            Later, the Governor also visited 14th Gorkha Training Center at Subathu. Commandant S.S.Sandhu welcomed the Governor. He visited museum and Kennedy Hall and evinced keen interest in valorous history of Gorkha regiment. 

            On the occasion, he said that the regiment was one of the most widely travelled regiment of Indian Army and has a long history of bravery. He said that many brave soldiers of the regiment made supreme sacrifice for the country. 




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