August 16, 2019





Vijyender Sharma

Shimla------The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has welcome various initiatives announced by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi yesterday from the ramparts of Red Fort in Delhi. In a communication sent to Prime Minister today, the CAIT has assured all cooperation of 7 crore strong trading community. Visualising the future, PM has made a clarion call on various core issues and the traders of India fully support declared initiatives and wish to join hands with the Government to accomplish the vision. In furtherance to launch a nation wide campaign, the CAIT has called a day long National Conference of Trade leaders of all States in Delhi on 29th August to chalk out a roadmap.


CAIT National President Mr B C Bhartia & Secretary General Mr Praveen Khandelwal in communication sent to Prime Minister while welcoming Ban on usage of Plastic from 2nd October,2019 said that Traders fully support this move and will be pleased to launch a campaign across the Country among trading community of the Country. However, presently large number of people are employed in manufacturing and trading of plastics and huge investments have been made in this business by the people therefore it is requested that some alternative business allied with their line should be made available to them so that they may not be out of their business & employment and their investment is saved. There are certain items which are essentially packed in plastic like Milk, Dairy Products etc. An alternate to these items needs to be identified as these are daily use items by the people. The CAIT has suggested the PM that a " Special Task Force" may be constituted with senior officials, representatives of plastic industry and traders to study the impact of plastic ban on employment & trade an recommend remedial steps to the Government in a time bound period.


Both Mr Bhartia & Mr Khandelwal said that Yes to Digital Payment- No to Cash is one of the most basic fundamental to make India a cashless or less cash Country and CAIT is already educating traders across Country from year 2014 to accept and adopt digital payments and so far it could able to convert about 25% traders across Country to accept digital payments. They further said that as per PM call, CAIT shall be advising the traders to put a Board in their business establishments for "Yes to Digital-No to Cash". However, the Bank charges levied on digital payment transaction is one of the major roadblock in acceptance of digital payments both by the traders & consumers. It has suggested the PM that to encourage digital payments, the bank charges on digital payments should be subsidised by the Government to Banks. It has also suggested that an independent Regulator for digital payments be constituted and National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) should be asked to intensify a campaign to take Rupay down the line across Country.It ihas further suggested that immediate steps may be taken to empower the traders with Point of Sale (POS) machines at a reasonable rate for acceptance of digital payments.


Both trade leaders said that Lucky Tomorrow Campaign will leverage the potential of large number of cities and Districts. It is a known fact that large number of cities/Districts in the Country are producing specialised and unique goods having good quality. Large number of artisans have been either self employed or employed in producing such goods. The "Lucky Tomorrow Campaign" will give them a market beyond their imagination. To accomplish this campaign the CAIT suggested that a District Level Committee should be constituted at all Districts in the Country under the Chairmanship of respective DM or District Collector with representatives of various Govt Departments and trade associations to work on this campaign.


Gifting of Cloth or Jute Bag from forthcoming Diwali onwards is a unique initiative and the CAIT will be advising about 40 thousand Trade Associations across Country to educate their members to adopt this campaign and beside gifting such bags also give to their customers against the cost price. It will certainly reduce the usage of Plastic in the Country.


Both Mr Bhartia & Mr Khandelwal said that "Neither pressure of the Government Nor scarcity of the Government " is the silver line of PM speech which amply ratifies his vision of removing interference of Government Departments in daily life of people particularly the trading community. While appreciating this statement of PM, the CAIT has suggested that currently about 28 Licenses are prescribed for conducting different businesses in the Country. It has suggested that only One License should be prescribed for life time and no renewal should be required. It will not only encourage ease of doing business but also ease of living in the Country.IThe CAIt has also said that so far only 35% traders have been able to adopt computerisation of their business and has further suggested that in order to computerise rest of the traders, the Government may give a substantial subsidy to the traders to purchase Computers and other allied items which will make them fully digital and interface with the Government Department will be minimal.

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