April 24, 2019

Modi government has taken bold steps to give a befitting reply to the terrorist attacks

Vijyender Sharma
SHIMLA------State BJP President Satpal Singh Satti in a statement issued from here today said that the Modi government has taken bold steps to give a befitting reply to the terrorist attacks as compared to the cowardly policies of previous Congress-led governments. He said that it is due to the bold attitude of the Modi government that the terrorism is under control in India and is now confined to few parts of Jammu and Kashmir only.
Satpal Singh Satti said that till 2014, the situation in India was alarming as bomb blasts in different parts of the country has become a routine. The Congress government was afraid of taking any suitable action accept blaming Pakistan and organising mourning meetings to express grief over death of the Indian citizens. However, when the Modi government came to power in the center, the policy of the Congress was changed and strong action was taken after every terror attack.
Referring to the Balkot airstrike in February this year, the State BJP president said the terrorists should learn lessons from this action. He said that every terrorist knows that he cannot manage to escape. The BJP leader said that after seeing the support to the BJP in the first three phases of Lok Sabha elections across the country, the Opposition is disturbed. He said that the national security is a big issue in this Lok Sabha election and its disappointing that the Congress and its allies are demanding evidence of the bravery of our brave soldiers. He added that the people of the nation have given them evidence in first three stages of elections by voting in favour of the BJP. 
He said that due to the differences in the words and actions of the Congress leaders, there has been a crisis of confidence in politics today. The BJP has accepted the crisis of this confidence as a challenge. He said that there is a difference between the Congress and BJP as Congress fails to deliver what it says while the BJP keeps its promises. Even the history reveals that the Congress never fulfilled its promises.

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