April 12, 2022

False promises will not work for AAP in HP---Avinash Rai khanna

 False promises will not work for AAP in HP

Vijyender Sharma
Shimla, BJP state incharge Avinash Rai khanna said that the image of AAP in himachal is completely shattered. The leaders of AAP are openly joining BJP and due to the fear of BJP the aam aadmi party has dissolved it's working committee in the state. 
He said that the strenght of the party stays in its organasational structre and AAP has dissolved the same. From this act it is clear and evident that AAP has lost its credibility in the state. 
He said AAP has no chance in himachal, they came made lot of false promises to the people, tried to take out a road show but their all activities are a complete flop. 
AAP came in Punjab and made unreasonable promises to the people of Punjab, now when their MLA goes in public the public cross questions their leadership, in the end the chief minister has to come for their saviour. 
It is clear that they have befooled the people of punab and they will not be able to do the same in himachal. 
He said Jairam Government has done good in State and people have full faith in this government. BJP is the only option that provides free and fair government, it is evident that we are heading towards mission repeat for sure.

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