June 15, 2021

City Councilor Manu Sharma came forward, forgetting his house to help the Corona victims of the area

Jwalamukhi Nagar Parishad councilor Manu Sharma came forward, forgetting his house to help the Corona victims
Jwalamukhi, June 15 (Vijayendra Sharma). In the deadly infectious phase of corona pandemic where people think many times before even stepping out of the house for their work; At the same time, Manu Sharma Malta, the councilor of Geeta Bhawan ward of Jwalamukhi Municipal Council, has come forward forgetting his house time and again to help the Malta Corona victims. Nowadays he has camped separately in a room outside his house to help the corona victims.
Malta is not only helping those who lost their lives to Corona in the vicinity of their volcanoes to be cremated according to the prescribed protocol, but is also sensitizing their families to stay safe in home quarantine.
On Monday too, after the death of a monk in ward number five of Jwalamukhi, it was difficult to conduct the last rites, then Manu Sharma came forward and presented a new example in front of the society by performing the last rites of the unclaimed sadhu,
not only this Malta Corona affected every person in their homes. Providing essential items. After getting the pickup of their ration card on WhatsApp, they are buying ration from fair price shops (Depu) and delivering them to their homes. He is also counseling those who are going through fear and depression after suffering from Corona.
    Apart from encouraging the patients, Malta is also distributing masks, sanitizers etc. to the people. After providing the right medical advice to the people who are feeling the symptoms of corona, they are making them aware to do the proper quarantine at their home and take the right medicines. Vikas is so concerned about the people that nowadays he is not even going to his home.
    People are praising all these works of his.

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