January 4, 2019

Sangye Congratulates US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Vijyender Sharma

Dharmshala----The President of Tibetan Government in exile  Dr Lobsang Sangay congratulated Nancy Pelosi for being elected as the Speaker of the House of Representative for the third time. First elected in 2007, Nancy Pelosi remains the only woman to ever serve for this role. She is currently in her 17th term as a Member of the House of Representatives, following her first election in 1987.

In his message, Dr Sangay expressed his admiration and applauded Nancy Pelosi for being a fearless leader. "I, on behalf of the Central Tibetan Administration heartily congratulate you on being elected Speaker of the House for the second time. Your election is a reflection of your leadership, integrity and the sharp relevance of your voice as a champion of American ideals," said President Dr Sangay.

"Your political and moral leadership and commitment towards issues including human rights at home and abroad is a legacy and inspiration to all of us. "

"Your victory is the victory of people in Tibet and people around the world who are denied their basic human rights."

Speaker Pelosi is a staunch supporter of the Tibet cause and a fierce advocate of peace and non-violence.

In a statement delivered on the 59th anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising Day, Pelosi said, "If we do not speak out for human rights in Tibet because of economic concerns, then we lose all moral authority to talk about human rights in any other place in the world." She led a congressional delegation to Tibet in 2015 and to Dharamsala twice with the last visit in 2017.


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