September 22, 2021

Air India to start operations for Shimla in January : Kashyap

Air India to start operations in January : Kashyap

• Air strip to be extended by 300 metres
• Road from tutu to airport to be recarpeted
• Pawan hans to increase Flight routes in Himachal

Vijyender Sharma

Shimla, BJP State President and member of parliament shimla today presided over a meeting of airport authority of india , airport shimla in jubbarhati.
While addressing the meeting suresh kashyap said that the flights coming to shimla will start soon in the month of January. Air India will start new flights to shimla and pawan hans will also pick up operation over here.
He said that the road from tutu to airport will be recarpetted as the road is not in good condition and the administration with the help of airport authority will install street light to illuminate the road.
He said the approach to the airport is quite narrow so a wider alternate route to the airport should also be searched for this will add to the advantage of the airport.
He said the last meeting was held in 2018 and now the meeting for AAI is being held now , this meeting will regularly take place once in six months.
He said that a lot of routes were taken by an operator in the name of heritage but they have not started operations yet. The operator shall be requested to begin the operations soon or opt out.
He said in coming times Pawan Hans will also start operations to baddi and other parts of Himachal. Pawan hans will also slash down rates for the same.
He said that a proposal has been made for the extension of the air strip by 300 metres and the process to acquire the land in underway. Soon the supreme court will give the decision in favour for the same.
He also said that taxi counters will be set up and rates of the taxis will be fixed to facilitate the passangers coming to the airport.
Soon air india will be starting ATR-42 600 series which will add to flight frequency to Shimla.
He said this airport has a lot historical importance and we will maintain the same.
He further added that all demands generated through the meeting will be taken up to the centre and the state government for speedy progress of work.

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